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What happens when you team up a Master Marketing Strategist and Copywriter with the "Biz Dev Guy" and "Sales Whisperer"?

You get a powerful Marketing+Sales Partnership that bridges the gap between both teams, and gets you MORE of the right leads (and less of the rest) for lower costs…so your sales team can start producing the numbers they should!


"There are many sales and marketing books, but this is more than just a book. This is a user’s manual, a how-to guide to transform your business and more. This is a must-read book for every Entrepreneur!”

Jeannie Levinson

Co-Founder and CEO of Guerrilla Marketing

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Every entrepreneur should be using the S.O.L.D.TM Process for business development."

Kelly O'Neil

founder Profitology™


"He never ceases to just absolutely astound me with his ingenuity, creativity and innovation. He can work at a high level and take it down to a tactical level. That's a skillset I just haven't found with most marketers. Emerson IS my 'Go-To-Guy' when it comes to marketing and strategy."

Edwin Kelly

Equity Trust Company


"Tim has an extremely structured way to find the holes in your company but even better, he not only found the holes in my company he already fixed most of the holes! I want to say 80-85% of the problems are already solved."

Markus Heitkoetter

CEO Rockwell Trading


"Emerson's created the Strategy, the copy and tweaked it to the point that our servers have been crashing on some of our campaigns!"

John Assaraf

PraxisNow, Featured in the hit movie The Secret


"Emerson Brantley gave me one of the most important insights that any marketer ever has, that one of the most important things I can do is offend the 97% of the people that are not my market. That is just revolutionary, because the amount of resources that I would be losing ... could be millions of dollars." 




"After I met Tim he challenged me... and we almost doubled my revenue goals in the first 6 months of him doing business development for my company...he is just an 'ace in the hole' when it comes to driving sales and revenue. " 

Lee Goff

CEO Digital Business Architect


"Emerson Brantley understands the psychology of what it takes to really relate to somebody, grab their attention...explain your business in words way better than your own and in the end actually have them purchase what you are selling!"

Adam Urbanski

Millionaire Marketing Mentor


"Most people talk about having no time, no need, no money, don't want to change... Tim's going to show you how to overcome those objections so you can get to the money and you can get to the time that people need so they can have more time, their freedom back and make more money with less work."

Jeff Mills

CEO of


"I have so much more clarity now about how to get my message out. I know the tips about how to zero in on and really create a message to market match will attract exactly the kind of clients I'm looking for!"

Kathy Eppley


"Tim might be the single best sales trainer I've ever worked with! He's a powerhouse, a phenomenon! I have learned more from Tim than any three people I've ever worked with."

Nic Sementa

Agile Marketing

You Will Discover:

  • The key element most marketing and sales approaches don't tell you -- without this you can never get the results you should and may actually sabotage your profits!
  • How To Know the exact message they need to hear and Why they will buy from you before they do (This makes your copywriting is a LOT easier!)
  • How to create almost automatic, continuous referrals using one word (and no lead will ever fall through the cracks again!)
  • The 6 crucial questions to ask that will reveal the perfect strategy (and tactics) for the fastest path to the greatest results -- even exponential increases -- from your marketing! ("features and benefits" aren't enough anymore!)
  • How 4 simple changes in your business can quantum leap your marketing and sales results, even WITHOUT strong closers! (in fact, your sales team can become order takers!)

Isn't it time YOU get more of the great high-revenue Ideal Clients you want most, and less of the ones you don’t want?

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About The Authors

Tim Johnson

Timothy Johnson is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor known as:
Serial entrepreneur and real estate investor

  • The "Sales Whisperer”
  • The "King Of Connections"
  • The "Biz Dev Guy“
  • The “Global Renegade” and is an
  • International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach and relied on for improving sales results for top gurus and clients here and overseas

Emerson Brantley

Emerson Brantley has long been behind-the-scenes Master Marketing Strategist & Copywriter for Top Gurus

  • He's created over 8600 Campaigns, launches including over $100M in tests
  • His clients include Fortune 100, Startups, Solopreneurs
  • Some of his results include a $4.3M Launch, 3000 Media Events (in one weekend), $10.52 EPC (over $2.41 per email)
  • He's known for creating the Longest-Running Profitable Lead-Generating
  • Infomercial made, was finalist for ICON Ultimate Marketer and is a
  • Wall Street Journal bestselling author (#5 WSJ Best Seller 11 Weeks) who has presented on stages for audiences from 34 nations
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