What If You Never Had To
Waste Another Minute Talking To An Unqualified Lead
Ever Again?
What If All Your Leads Were Qualified … Ready… Willing And… Already Wanting To Buy From You… Ahead Of Time!?*

*(When your marketing gets this right, you will always close more sales for higher dollars with less effort!)

We’ve all heard of the 80/20 Rule… the Pareto Principle, right?  Most businesses spend 80% of their time, money and efforts on clients who give you 20% (or less!) of your revenues.

These also happen to be the high-maintenance ones, with their endless objections, reasons, and excuses…the whiners, complainers, nothing-is-ever-good-enough, tire-kickers, and deadbeats who suck the profitability out of your business… and the life out of you!

That leaves only 20% for the ones who are most aligned with you and provide 80% of your revenues – they only get the leftovers! Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Conventional wisdom says you just need stronger salespeople, better “closers” who won’t “waste good leads” but know how to “overcome objections” and wear them down till they buy.  And for the ones who don’t, they say you should go through and “fire” these folks every so often…send them to your competition and tell them to “have a good life!” But that’s not fixing the problem, it’s just dealing with the symptoms and putting a band-aid on the real issue.

Your marketing is what’s attracting them! So STOP It!

Why not figure out who you really DON'T want to work with, and tailor your message to repel them while attracting only the qualified ones you want most?

The most important thing you can do to increase your bottom line is to figure out who you Do Not Want first! Then focus 100% of your efforts and resources on speaking directly to the Ideal Qualified Prospects you WANT Most!

Look, you can’t possibly serve every single person or company who can use what you sell. It’s physically, financially and in every other way IMPOSSIBLE. Soooo, if you can’t have 100% of your market, why waste time and resources on the ones you’d rather not be dealing with anyway? Make sense? But that’s only the beginning….

This is where most marketing events, seminars, courses, companies and experts blather on about the best new programs, apps, software and other “shiny objects” or offer opinions about the best Where, When and How to market your products or services…all the Tactical ways to reach your market. So people buy a bunch of programs and STILL your marketing isn't working right and your sales are sub-par. The real issue isn't finding the latest-greatest tactic… it's having the right Strategy in the first place!

Strategy Has To Come Before Tactics!

It may seem like determining Who you want or don't want is pretty straightforward, but you need to know your Why before you even figure out your Who. You need to know Why they're going to buy from you to help you understand Who they are in the first place.

What if you can KNOW

  • The inner mind of your prospect and what they feel? You CAN.
  • The reasons why they buy in such detail that you can speak directly to their drivers – the emotional, intuitive feelings that compel them to want to do business with you…or not. You WILL.
  • Why they already believe and trust you – and you alone – as their very best option… even if they haven’t found you yet! They DO.

Figuring out their Why is the first step in defining your perfect Marketing+Sales Strategy. Taking the time to lock down your overall Strategy first –– BEFORE choosing your Tactics –– is the most important step you can take to achieve the successful and profitable marketing results you want.

When you have this powerful Marketing+Sales Strategy in place an amazing transformation begins to happen in your business. By understanding what we call your Ideal Clients' Whytology™ -- their hidden drivers that compel them to do business with you, and only you -- you will begin to experience dramatic improvements in your customer acquisition and sales processes that will:

REDUCE Your Sales Cycle
IMPROVE Your Sales Per Lead
INCREASE Your Revenues Per Customer
SIMPLIFY Your Sales Process

If you’re looking for easy answers or some magic tactic or universal cure-all, read no further. You will be dissatisfied with what you find in this one of a kind program. There are plenty of folks out there who will give you fools’ gold but if you're ready for real-life answers to your real-life problems, then sit down, set aside the next half-hour or so, and listen to what I had to learn...what every business owner and entrepreneur in the country must learn to have any kind of chance at all at success in today's economy.

Before we go any further, it’s important for you to know the source and why this approach to marketing and sales is still considered “renegade” to many in marketing, advertising and sales.

So Who Are We & Why Should You Believe Us Or Trust Us?

Considering all the gibberish and theories about how your marketing and sales “should” work, this is a valid question. It can be totally confusing trying to find something that actually WILL Work…for YOU, Your Company, Your Products and Services and Your Markets.

First, most advice we hear is usually based on a small number of campaigns or markets (or from people who have specialized in just a few areas, like online marketing or email or publishing or whatever). Often, after having some successes, many people figure selling courses is easier than actually doing the work…and so they become stage gurus. There are plenty of events for them if they sell well…and plenty of hungry people looking for answers. Unfortunately, you often end up with more boxes of stuff – mostly tactical – that you never use.

We think you will agree when you read through our complete bios, our background and experience is completely different…and real-world.


S.O.L.D. Founders, Emerson Brantley and Timothy Johnson

Emerson Brantley is the Master Strategist and Copywriter

retained by companies of all sizes from international Fortune 100 to startups and entrepreneurs; small businesses, national non-profits and even ministers of tourism.  His compelling Copywriting has been the engine for over 8600 campaigns in 21 countries.

He’s conducted over $100 million in testing during his career proving what works online today -- and what doesn't -- with results such as:

  • $4.3 million product launchafter the client’s own tests failed repeatedly
  • $10.52 EPC (earnings per click) and $2.41 per email…from 834,644 emails
  • 64.5% conversionsfrom cold Facebook leads

"The thing I love about Emerson is that he has this way of coming up with the most elegant solutions to the most daunting challenges. He never ceases to just absolutely astound me with his ingenuity, creativity and innovation. He can work at a high level and take it down to a tactical level. That's a skillset I just haven't found with most marketers. Emerson IS my 'Go-To-Guy' when it comes to marketing and strategy."

Edwin Kelly, Equity Trust Company

"In the last 10 years we've worked with over 250,000 entrepreneurs in 46 countries. When I fly from New Zealand to Florida to spend 3 days of my valuable time to think I'm going to learn something, I want the best person. And I was ABSOLUTELY blown away by Emerson. What he did in that 3 days was showed me how to structure the marketing of my company which was the missing link that I had been looking for which I know over the next 5 years will grow my company at least 3-fold."

Mike Handcock, Chairman, Rock Your Life

Emerson is equally experienced in "old school" offline approaches, with results including:

  • 3000 PR eventsin a single weekend
  • The Longest-Running Profitable Lead-Generating Infomercialdriving 1500% growth for years
  • 41.55% email conversionsindependently tracked by Business 2.0 magazine

Whether as a WSJ bestselling author, international speaker, mentor, consultant or coach, or one of the many public, private and nonprofit boards of directors he has served, it's safe to say for Marketing Strategy and Messaging Emerson has definitely "been there, done that!"

You'll also learn Tim Johnson is

  • The "Sales Whisperer” who regularly outperforms entire sales teams… even without having their “product knowledge advantage”
  • The "Biz Dev Guy” who guides clients in merging their sales and marketing… with massive results
  • The “Global Renegade” Business Growth Expert… relied on by dozens of and companies to increase ROI
  • The "King Of Connections"who brings in a world of resources to everyone he works with…even when they need things he doesn't provide himself
  • Serial entrepreneur and real estate investormanaging dozens of properties
  • Best-selling author, coach, trainer and international speaker
Kelly OneilHeadshot

"Tim is AMAZING! I had him speak to my clients on the difference between Business Development and Sales. Every entrepreneur should be using the SOLD process for business development. Additionally, the board of directors he has created are filled with stellar individuals. If you have a chance to work with Tim and his team....TAKE IT."

Kelly O'Neil, founder Profitology™

"Tim has an extremely structured way to find the holes in your company but even better, he not only found the holes in my company he already fixed most of the holes! I want to say 80-85% of the problems are already solved because Tim is a connector: He immediately connects you to the right people and says, 'I know somebody who can fix this... I know somebody can fix that,' and I don't know how many calls I had in the last 48 hours...5, 6? I mean he connected me to so many people and I know that he will be able to turn my company around in no time."

Markus Heitkoetter, CEO Rockwell Trading

Markus Heitkoetter

Individually and together we have conducted hundreds of in-depth "Boardroom" days for clients in the U.S. and internationally. These Quantum Leap Strategic Breakthrough Boardroom Initiatives are often booked months in advance, and for good reason: they aren’t filled with fluffy ideas and theory, but tested, proven approaches that will revolutionize your business strategically and tactically. These intensive “Boardrooms” help you and your team get laser-focused on the mission-critical elements that will make -- or break -- your business.

These clients invest from $25,000 to $200,000 or more to have us drill down and reveal the insights we are sharing in this program...and even more for us to help them implement these concepts in their businesses.

Often, clients find the savings alone (from wasted marketing efforts and poor messaging) more than pays for the investment…and the dramatic difference in the effectiveness of their marketing and sales changes the entire trajectory of your company.

After years of knowing each other, both of us realized Tim looked at Sales like Emerson approached Marketing: to build long-term relationships of mutual benefit and trust. So we began to join our Marketing+Sales expertise to literally “quantum leap” our impact for our clients… together.

It must work: we alone Guarantee where others don't, and our clients realize vastly greater ROI (return on investment) than many other programs they have invested in before. So we encourage you, recognize the value of this to you and your company or organization and put these concepts into practice for yourself.

We really enjoy getting face-to-face with clients, becoming your Change Agents to help grow your business faster, with less stress! As much as we would love to personally bring these game-changing Strategic Boardrooms to every single business owner around the world, we both know that isn't practical or even possible. We also realize most small businesses cannot afford the investment in a private intense consultation to grow their company -- or may have self-limiting beliefs about investing in their own growth and ROI. So to make it possible for YOU to energize and activate all of these key components in YOUR Business NOW, we've pulled together everything we would use if we were working one-to-one with you… in four easy to use modules: the S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™.


Each S.O.L.D. Module includes:

  • Short, to the point video coaching and training... no long, drawn-out lessons but packed with the details you need to succeed
  • Complete transcripts of each video training to follow along
  • Audio recordings you can listen to in your car or on your headphones
  • Easy to follow step-by-step Guidebooks, Worksheets, Checklists and Blueprints for your success!

Your S.O.L.D. System™ starts with Why… and as you go through this complete system it will revolutionize your marketing and sales to help you get more of the Ideal Clients you want, less of the rest, and generate more sales, more revenues and more referrals with less cost and stress than ever!

You Get All This In Your Comprehensive S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™:

Module 1: Strategy (Marketing +Sales)

$597.00 Value
Get crystal clear on your Strategy -- for Marketing AND Sales – and EVERY Tactical Decision you make will be easy!

Strategy Comes Before Tactics… so in Module One, we will focus on walking through the key steps to create the perfect Marketing+Sales Strategy.  This starts with knowing WHY your Ideal Prospects are waiting for you… and will buy from you once you connect with them through your marketing.

  • We will cover the Why, Who and What that define your Strategy and help guide you on every tactical decision you will ever need to make (the Where, When and How of your marketing).  There are plenty of voices telling you which online or offline tactics to use.  Get your Strategy right and all the rest is easy.
  • You will develop your Crystal Clear Vision that will guide everything you do…and may even change your thinking about exactly Who your market really is and What you sell.
  • You will find out exactly WHY your Ideal Prospects will buy from you… their inner Why Drivers that compel them (their psychographics).
  • We will analyze exactly WHO your Ideal Qualified Prospects are, drilling down to the precise demographic profiles you want most…AND clearly define the unqualified and high-maintenance ones you do NOT want!
  • You will discover how to use this newfound knowledge to put the 80/20 (or Pareto) Principle to work FOR you, instead of against you…so you can spend 80% of your time, effort and focus investing in the Ideal Customers who are the real backbone of your success!
  • Using what these exercises reveal and our copyrighted step-by-step process, we’ll work on WHAT your message is and what it says about you.  
  • You will create your own Perfect Unique Value Proposition so you can define your uniqueness in terms that will cause your Ideal Qualified Prospects to see you as their One And Only Best Option!

We will cover how to strategically use your message and methods to do more than simply attract more of the Ideal Qualified Prospects you want… but to ALSO cause the people you don't want to “self-exclude themselves” so you don’t have to waste time with them at all!  

"Emerson's created the Strategy, the copy and tweaked it to the point that our servers have been crashing on some of our campaigns!"

John Assaraf, PraxisNow, Featured in the hit movie The Secret

"Emerson Brantley gave me one of the most important insights that any marketer ever has, that one of the most important things I can do is offend the 97% of the people that are not my market. That is just revolutionary, because the amount of resources that I would be losing ... could be millions of dollars.

J.V. CRUM, CEO ConsciousMillionaire.com

After going through this game-changing process, you will have a clearer understanding of who your real core market is and what they need to hear from you to respond… and buy.  Armed with this you will be able to get more, higher-qualified leads for less cost, and they will covert much easier and buy more than you probably experience now.  

With the right 100,000 foot Strategy your salespeople can literally become order-takers and increase your bottom line dramatically.  In Module Two we will show how, when Marketing does this right, every Objection can be handled upfront and turn into Opportunity (to make more money) instead!

Module 2: Objections=Opportunities

$597.00 Value
When your Marketing handles all your Objections upfront, your Sales Team can become Order Takers…and your sales will skyrocket!

Marketing Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are important to track (and we cover these more in Mod Four).  However, these "hard intel" numbers only tell you so much. It takes an engaged Sales team to continue the conversations with your Ideal Prospects in ways that will give you the "soft intel" you need to turn every Objection into an Opportunity... instead of an obstacle to overcome.

  • We'll cover the two different types of trial closes…the all-important probing questions that let you know what your prospect is thinking.  Only Sales can effectively use both.  
  • You will discover how to create a powerful Marketing+Sales Partnership (MSP), and how to structure it so it works for both teams…and generates Continuous Improvement or Kaizen. 
  • Often clients tell us they don't even know the right questions to ask to get the "soft intel" you need most.  We give you the forms you need with all the right questions to answer so your MSP works -- for your Marketing AND Sales Teams -- and to create Accountability between them o your ROI will continue to increase. 
  • As you learn to implement your MSP you will get the specific “soft intel” you’ve never had before to revolutionize your marketing… priceless data your CRM (customer relationship management program) cannot give you

"Tim has helped me out tremendously, made some awesome connections for me with a current business partner, he brought us together. We are both super connectors that means Tim's the MEGA Connector -- he's the Bull Tron of Connectors. So I just really can't say enough good things about him that he gives still hurts. If you can get him as your Mentor or to help you with your business, then you're a Lucky person."

John Halpen

Using these powerful concepts together will help you begin to have Kaizen Results: Continuous Improvement in your Marketing and Sales efforts month over month, year after year.  There is no 100% control of any market, so your results can keep getting better and better…how successful do you want your business to become!?

Module 3: Leveraging Referrals

$597.00 Value
There are TWO kinds of Referrals…but few businesses Leverage BOTH (Now You Can!)

Of all prospects and leads, Referrals are worth more and buy more than any others.  In Module Three you will discover how to Leverage TWO Kinds of Referrals:

1) Ideal Client Referrals:  Customers tend to "flock" with like-minded people similar to themselves.  

2) Strategic Partner Referrals:  You can’t sell to everyone, so why not sell your friends and their services instead?  

  • You will learn that getting (and giving) quality Referrals systematically takes more than simply pushing a referral sheet in front of them.
    • Marketing is about relationships, and every relationship comes with certain expectations.  By simply establishing your expectations up front, you will see your referrals skyrocket.
    • You will discover the simple "Pay It Forward" concept that has generated millions in referral business for others… and it can for you as well.
  • Using 4 simple questions you will become a master at simple, compelling referrals that make you "Mailbox Money"
  • How to select your own “Board of Advisors”…Strategic Referral Partners who will send you business regularly, and everything they need from you to send you endless Ideal Qualified Prospects.

Best of all, everything you create in Mod Three can be completely standardized and systemized, and in Module Four we'll show how we work with our clients to automate your marketing so that every followup is consistent and complete for your prospects, customers, and referrals with your Strategic Partners.

Clint Arthur

"You say Tim you know this guy? Yep. You know that guy? Yep. The guy knows everybody...the guy is literally the King of Connections! So if there's anybody you want to meet, to do business with, to set up a JV with… talk to Tim Johnson...that's what I do. That's why he's one of my Top Ten speed dials 'cause I know if I wanna connect with anybody Tim Johnson's the man that can do it. I got nothing but great things to say about Tim Johnson...the King of Connections."

Clint Arthur

"I've always had to struggle with referrals. I've never had a systemized process. Ever since I met Emerson we've had discussions on marketing and specifically the referral process. One thing I love about him is his "Pay It Forward" concept... they're presold, they don't care about price. Emerson has been amazing at helping me with that portion of my practice."

Attorney Charlie Price

Module 4: Duplicate & Automate

$597.00 Value
Work Less, Make More and sure NO lead or prospect falls through the cracks!

The core of good Marketing is ongoing Testing, Tracking and Tweaking.  To do this effectively you have to not only have good tracking mechanisms in place (software, tracking codes, cookies, etc.) but also engage in good testing practices.  Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) usually come directly from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs and are "hard" data such as clickthrus, number of registrations and completed sales. KPIs are the specific, trackable numbers that help guide your overall Strategy.  

  • Do you want more leads, or fewer…but more qualified?  How will you know your Marketing is on point to accomplish your overall Marketing+Sales Strategy?
  • Using just one simple word you can Automate and Duplicate your entire Strategic Referral Partner process… so you can monetize every Objection (and turn them into Opportunity) with zero effort.

You will get the exact formulas for the Top 8 KPIs to calculate your real Customer Acquisition Costs and improve your upfront results, so you can begin projecting your growth with confidence.

Lee Goff

"If your infrastructure is set up you can triple your revenue without having to work your fingers to the bone IF you have the right systems and processes in place. I had revenue goals -- kind of small -- for the first 6 months of my new company but after I met Tim he challenged me... and we almost doubled my revenue goals in the first 6 months of him doing business development for my company and we got all the infrastructure items in place. I could not have done it without him, he is just an 'ace in the hole' when it comes to driving sales and revenue. "

Lee Goff, CEO Digital Business Architect

As important as KPIs are, they only give you part of the picture.  Metrics are more of the "soft intel" that interprets what the KPIs mean – just how well your Marketing is really working --and help guide your Tactical decisions.  

  • Do you know your Breakeven Point?  What are the numbers you need to have the Golden Ratio…where your Marketing drives an endless flow of Ideal Qualified Prospects that literally cost you nothing?  
  • What is your Lifetime Value for a new customer?  How do your closing ratios compare to your follow-ups?
  • How many sales do you want? How many leads do you need?  By backward engineering your numbers you can know… to the penny!
  • Discover the 10% tweaks that can turn into a 100% increase in your business... or much more!  Using your own actual financial numbers you will discover the exact areas that will make the most difference the fastest.
    W. Edwards Deming famously said, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”  You simply cannot successfully grow your business without having Automation and Duplication so You Will Always Know Your Numbers!

W. Edwards Deming famously said, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”  You simply cannot successfully grow your business without having Automation and Duplication so You Will Always Know Your Numbers!

The biggest issue is that there is SO Much data today that most businesses either are living in overwhelm and confusion or have given up tracking your numbers at all!  Using our copyrighted worksheets you will understand the handful of key metrics and KPIs that are MOST Important to track… so you get the right data in real time…and don't waste a minute on all the rest.  


These four simple, straight-to-the-point training modules will open your eyes to Marketing and Sales like you have never seen them before.  We cover the Why, Who and What that define your Strategy and help guide you on every tactical decision you will ever need to make (the Where,When and How of your marketing).  There are plenty of voices telling you which online or offline tactics to use.  

When you have this new Knowledge and Understanding and get your Strategy right, all the rest is easy.  Any confusion, bewilderment and overwhelm that drag down most Marketing and Sales teams is eliminated….and using the Marketing+Sales Strategy and tools you receive will lead to Quantum Leaps in your results…and revenues!  And why not!? Companies around the world have used these same game-changing processes to create double and triple figure increases using the proprietary S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™ :

Strategy (Marketing+Sales)

Objections = Opportunities

Leveraging Referrals

Duplicate & Automate

Are you beginning to see how all these components are interrelated to give you greater success in your Marketing AND your Sales faster, with LESS Stress, fewer headaches and LESS Cost?  

TOTAL value for all FOUR Modules including Videos, Audios, Transcripts step-by-step Guidebooks, Worksheets, Checklists and Blueprints is $2388.00

And Now YOU Can Implement These Powerful Processes In YOUR Company Too!

PLUS, When You Take Action Now You ALSO Get These ADDITIONAL Resources

To Help Ensure Your Success:

New knowledge always generates new understanding and new questions—some you never even considered before!  So even though your S.O.L.D. Business Growth System includes the same resources we use to help clients and revolutionize your marketing efforts, we are including these Additional Bonuses to help you in a more personal, ongoing way.

One of the biggest potholes in Marketing and Sales is knowing how to create a spot-on message to your exact Ideal Qualified Prospects that generates high responses, purchases, and strong ROI.  In the process, you will get more, higher-qualified leads for less cost, and they will covert much easier and buy more than you probably experience now.

In this powerful Bonus Mod Emerson will equip you with key insights you need to craft your message… or guide you when you have someone else writing it for you.

BONUS 1: Copywriting—The Strategic Tactic

$597.00 Value
The Bridge Between Strategy and Tactics

  • We will "deep dive" into how the brain works, how decisions are made and the specific languaging to tap into the inner Why Drivers of your Ideal Qualified Prospects that guide their every decision.
  • The better you get at speaking to your Ideal Qualified Prospects with the words they are waiting to hear, the more you will attract them AND repel the people who you don’t want…so you spend more time with the right folks and less with the rest!
  • You will discover Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs…and how to use this powerful tool to stack the deck in your favor. Chances are, not one of your competitors will ever know this or use it to their advantage…but you will!

"This sales letter is so darn good... it was Emerson Brantley. If you have the chance to work with this gentleman he understands the psychology of what it takes to really relate to somebody, grab their attention...explain your business in words way better than your own and in the end actually have them purchase what you are selling!"

Adam Urbanski, Millionaire Marketing Mentor

"Emerson Brantley has helped us articulate exactly what our message is. Each step he's helped us reach out to millions of people around the world with a message of hope and inspiration. I highly, highly recommend his services to anybody that would need somebody to truly make a difference in their organization."

Mark Kaplan, Venture Capitalist and Founder of Club Asteria Foundation

  • People talk about "You” vs “Me" copy… but here you will learn exactly how these small, highly persuasive tweaks will get their attention every time!
  • Features – Benefits…and Consequences.  You’ve heard it:  “Features tell, Benefits sell,” but for most people, Benefits are a challenge.  You’ll get one simple question that will make this easy for you from now on…even for “Negative” Benefits that often have the greatest effect!
  • You will discover easy formulas to write powerful, engaging headlines and subject lines that draw them into your message… and set the stage for them to buy.
  • Plus, you will receive several selected copywriting examples with proven, massive results to help you understand these concepts so you can have greater results from your own copywriting.

Without precise, compelling copywriting, you’re throwing good money after bad.  With the right message, you will see your results go through the roof!

Even if Marketing does everything right, a poorly trained Sales Team using different language or unconsciously sabotaging your efforts will end up costing you big.  Getting your Sales Team onboard is mission critical to your overall success. At the end of the day, as Tim shows in this Bonus Mod, it’s all in the math.

BONUS 2: Sales Is A Mathematical Equation

$597.00 Value
How much do you need…and what will it take?

  • You will discover the three types of decisions – Time, Money and Change -- and understanding how these interrelate will help you guide your prospect to the right decision.
  • Prospects don't always understand what their decision really means to them unless you explain it to them… using specific techniques that this exercise will make easy every time.
  • The three questions to ask yourself that will satisfy almost any remaining hesitation a prospect may have, in practically every sales conversation.
  • Do you know what level of performance you need to achieve your business, financial and lifestyle goals?  In this Bonus Mod we will break it down to the hours in each day and the dollars in revenue you need
Jeff Mills

"Most people talk about having no time, no need, no money, don't want to change... Tim's going to show you how to overcome those objections so you can get to the money and you can get to the time that people need so they can have more time, their freedom back and make more money with less work. Another thing we worked on is what do we simplify, what do we reduce, what do we improve. These are things that he's going to show you how to put into your sales process so you can help people see how you can improve their business, how you can save them time, how you can give them more freedom and I recommend that every single one of you get out to a Boardroom session with Tim it's going to change your business, it's going to change your life.

Jeff Mills, CEO,Trafficmills.com

You either own your business or your business owns you.  You’re an investor in your company or an employee. This Bonus Mod will change your entire mindset forever…and help you get focused on the things that really matter most to have your business provide the life and lifestyle you deserve.

Your success at achieving all this is so important to us, we've included two additional Special Bonuses to help you begin to incorporate these concepts in your business sooner, rather than later.

Even if Marketing does everything right, a poorly trained Sales Team using different language or unconsciously sabotaging your efforts will end up costing you big.  Getting your Sales Team onboard is mission critical to your overall success. At the end of the day, as Tim shows in this Bonus Mod, it’s all in the math.

Each Of Your S.O.L.D. Modules And These Bonuses Include:

  • Short, to the point video coaching and training... no long, drawn-out lessons but packed with the details you need to succeed
  • Complete transcripts of each video training to follow along
  • Audio recordings you can listen to in your car or on your headphones
  • Easy to follow step-by-step Guidebooks, Worksheets, Checklists and Blueprints for your success!

BONUS 3: 90 Days Of Live Group Strategic Coaching and Training

$747.00 Added Value

bonus 3-1

This is where you can ask urgent questions and solve your challenges live. Twice a month you’ll be on a live call where you can learn and exchanges ideas with us and with other students. We share what's working, sales pitfalls to avoid and marketing successes from a variety of industry and business sectors. This "cross-pollination" of ideas is invaluable: while your local competitors are copying each other, you will be able to utilize ideas and techniques from totally different markets as we engage in...

  • Strategic Marketing Coaching
  • Special Guest Marketing Experts who understand their Ideal Prospects' Whys
  • Top Sales Producers who've learned to become "order takers"
  • Digging Into Actual Campaign Results And Analyzing Them Together

Plus you will receive ADDITIONAL "Mission Critical" Resources depending on each session's topic and needs, and each is recorded so even if you miss one you can still review it later in our members' area.

Our normal subscription to these empowering Monthly calls is $249 a month, so this represents a $747.00 additional value.

Nic Sementa

"Tim might be the single best sales trainer I've ever worked with… he's a powerhouse… a phenom…I have learned more from Tim than any 3 people I've ever worked with…and the way he connects is truly a marvel. Tim looks at the person… not the product, not the business... and that in itself is a blessing."

Nic Sementa, Agile Marketing

BONUS 4: Six Full Months Access To The S.O.L.D. Formula Podcast Training

$594.00 Additional Value

Podcast page

Emerson and Tim are constantly working with clients to achieve greater success and revenues.  As clients share different challenges and obstacles, these are shared on the S.O.L.D.TM Formula Podcast…along with the solutions and results.

Using the foundation you get from your S.O.L.D.TM Business Growth System, you will gain greater insights and understanding when making marketing and sales decisions for your own business.  Every challenge and every decision you make, has already been faced and dealt with by other business owners and entrepreneurs…so you don't have to reinvent the wheel to succeed!

One episode may be a revealing discussion with a client or students at an event or on a coaching call.  On another we may interview an expert in a specific area that will enhance your marketing success. Or, we may dissect a specific marketing or sales challenge from start to finish. Our goal is always to help you to grow and excel with deeper and deeper understanding and skills to truly create Marketing and Sales Game-changers for you and your teams.

Each short, bite-sized episode features Emerson or Tim, or both, discussing specific examples, often interviewing these same owners and entrepreneurs so you can hear it from them first hand.  Guests will also include top marketers, sales leaders and thought leaders from around the world.  The S.O.L.D.TM Formula Podcasts will bring you real-world, practical and actionable steps that will raise your vision, your value and your business to even greater heights.

Our normal subscription to these timely, actionable podcasts is $99 a month, so this represents a $594.00 additional value.

"I have so much more clarity now about how to get my message out. I know the tips about how to zero in on and really create a message to market match will attract exactly the kind of clients I'm looking for!"

Kathy Eppley, AstoundYourself.com

BONUS 5: The Why2Wealth™ Personalized Member App!


W2W App
SOLD app2

The backbone of  your S.O.L.D.TM training is the powerful, user-friendly Why2WealthTM Personalized Member App for both Apple and Android users.  No need to sit in front of a computer screen…or to sit at all for that matter.  You can access your personalized content, training and proprietary business resources and resources on your treadmill, jogging, during your commute or wherever you go:

  • Stream it directly to your Bluetooth car stereo, headset or speaker
  • Stream it to your Chromecast or AppleTV device in broadcast-quality wide-screen HD
  • Download the content to your phone or tablet so you can watch or listen offline… even on a plane with no wifi!

So what's it do?

• Your content is completely personalized, unique to you and your needs and preferences.  Your S.O.L.D.TM Business Growth System training, resources, coaching and other services are always with you, right in your pocket or purse

• You can access ALL of your content the way you want t, when you want: refer to your manuals, review each training video and archive every coaching call you subscribe to

• You can instantly switch from video to audio only mode to play in the background, and automatically bookmark your place in your audios and videos so you can pick up where you left off

• You can access the entire S.O.L.D.TM Formula Podcast archives, and the latest up-to-the-minute episodes the moment we record them

• You can always know your progress, where you stand and which course components you've completed as well as the ones you haven't

• You'll get insider updates and notifications to stay up to date with updates, expanded training, new game-changing resources and live events

• You get "Single Sign In" access, so you won't be pestered to remember your password or forced to continually log back in again and again

• You can access it from multiple devices including additional phones, tablets or computers

Like you, Emerson and Tim have participated in many courses, trainings and other programs over the years.  They've worked to include every benefit you ever wished you had in a program to make S.O.L.D. TM the EASIEST you've ever seen.  Your Why2WealthTM Personalized Member App makes sure you always have the guidance and resources you need to "Sell Less and Make More!"

These Five Bonuses Add Another $2538.00 For A Total Value of $4926.00… But Your Investment Is Less Than HALF.

In fact, you Save 60% When You Act Now!  Your Total -- Only $1969!

Your complete S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™ -- all four Mods and your powerful Bonuses -- will reenergize your Marketing+Sales so you will get more of the Ideal Qualified Prospects you want most…and less of the ones you don't.  Instead of wasting time "overcoming objections" your Sales team will become more like order takers… and generate more sales, more revenues, and more referrals than ever!

We are so confident our powerful, proven S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™ will be a gamechanger for your business as it has for so many hundreds of others worldwide, we back it up with…

Our Absolute DOUBLE Value Guarantee

#1 – When you invest in your S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™ Now you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all of the videos for all of the Modules and Bonuses and their accompanying audios and transcribed versions immediately, as well as your Guidebooks, Worksheets, Checklists and Blueprints.  Review them for 30 days and put them to the test. If you don't find you have a deeper understanding of how to have the perfect Marketing+Sales Strategy to reach more of your Ideal Qualified Prospects (and not have to deal with as many of the rest), turn every objection into new opportunities, better leverage your referrals and Automate and Duplicate your entire process… simply ask for and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

#2 – Honestly use and apply what you discover in your S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™  for 6 full months.  Actively participate in our live coaching so your questions and specific needs are addressed. If, after 6 months, you feel you have not experienced increased effectiveness in your marketing, found new areas of opportunity you were missing before, and gotten a clear vision for your uniqueness, your brand, your positioning and exactly WHO your real market is, you may ask for and receive a personal consultation and continue to receive the live coaching and video updates for up to another full year, for no additional cost to you.

With This Double Guarantee, You Can Begin Now To Empower Your Business With Confidence With The Proven S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™!

You Get It All: The Guidebooks, Worksheets, Checklists and Blueprints, Videos, Audios and Transcripts Plus FIVE Powerful Bonuses…

A Total Value Of $4923 — All For Only $1969 — You Save $2954 When You Act Now!

Dustin Mathews

"I've had the awesome opportunity to work with Tim in many different facets of my business -- and personally -- and if you're looking for a coach, if you're looking for a mentor, if you're looking for a speaker (although he prefers to be in the back of the room most of the time!), if you're looking for someone who can radically make an impact in your business -- in sales, in systems and people -- then I highly recommend that you get on a call, you go see Tim speak or whatever it is you can do to get into his world because he will light your world up in a good way. And he'll remove that stress that you know is there and he'll help you take your business to the next level. So get on Tim's radar connect with him and take your business, your life, and everything to the next level."

Dustin Mathews, Co founder, Speaking Empire

Here's A Brief Recap Of What You Get

When You Act Now!

  • Module 1. Strategy (Marketing+Sales)
    Understand exactly Why your Ideal Qualified Prospects Will Buy from you, Who exactly they are and What they need from you to respond -- $597.00 Value
  • Module 2: Objections = Opportunities
    Make every objection sales encounters an opportunity to zone in on your message even more…until your salespeople can become order takers -- $597.00 Value
  • Module 3: Leveraging Referrals
    Make your referral process part of your expectation in your Ideal Client relationships… AND create reciprocal Referral Partners for endless qualified leads -- $597.00 Value
  • Module 4: Duplicate & Automate
    Simplify everything in your business and Know your Numbers so you can Test, Track and Tweak Your Message for Continuous Improvement! -- $597.00 Value

Plus These Valuable Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Copywriting—The Strategic Tactic -- $597.00 Additional Value
    The Bridge Between Strategy and Tactics
  • Bonus 2: Sales Is A Mathematical Equation -- $597.00 Additional Value
    How much do you need…and what will it take?

Each S.O.L.D. Module And These Bonuses Include:

  • Short, to the point video coaching and training... no long, drawn-out lessons but packed with the details you need to succeed
  • Complete transcripts of each video training to follow along
  • Audio recordings you can listen to in your car or on your headphones
  • Easy to follow step-by-step Guidebooks, Worksheets, Checklists and Blueprints for your success!

You ALSO Receive:

  • Bonus 3: 90 Days of Live Group Strategic Coaching and Training — $747.00 Additional Value
    Twice monthly calls to handle questions and challenges as they come up
  • Bonus 4: Six Full Months Access To The S.O.L.D. Formula Podcast Training — $594.00 Additional Value
    Get specific gamechanging strategies and tactics you can use right away
  • Bonus 5: :The Why2WealthTM Personalized Member App — Priceless!
    Access your training videos and audios, coaching calls, podcasts and more…whenever you want, wherever you are!

Your Total Value is over $4900.00… But When You Act Now You Save 60%! Your Total -- Only $1969! You Save Almost $3000 and Your Investment is Double Guaranteed!

"He is the Marketing Master! He gave me such clarity in a way I felt totally cared for... he just so gives!"

Lynn Rose, WOWYourAudience.com

Our normal subscription to these empowering Monthly calls is $249 a month, so this represents a $747.00 additional value.

Your Instant Reward For Decisive Action Now:

Your Own Personalized SWOT Analysis Review and Action Plan — $2,500.00 Value

When you order your S.O.L.D. Business Growth System  RIGHT NOW we will send your Comprehensive SWOT Analysis.  When you complete it and send it back we will personally review it and give you an Individualized "Action Plan" Report detailing...

  • Your Top Target Markets
  • Your Most Compelling Message
  • The Best Ways To Reach Them
  • Your Customer Acquisition Costs
  • The Three Key Areas You Need To Address NOW For Greatest Profitability

The more clarity and order we can bring your marketing, the clearer your vision and focus will be. This "Action Plan" will sort all the many details about your business and market into specific directions and "Next Steps" you can implement immediately!

That Brings Your Total Value To Over $7,400 — Yet It's STILL Only $1969

When You Act Now!

Is this worth your time and effort and, yes, money?  What will Your ROI Be?

While there is no way to put over 50 years of combined Marketing and Sales experience into one program, we have taken the most important "Mission Critical" components—elements we've used with hundreds of clients to revolutionize their marketing and sales—and combined them into this easy to apply step-by-step program Guaranteed to:

REDUCE Your Sales Cycle

IMPROVE Your Sales Per Lead

INCREASE Your Revenues Per Customer

SIMPLIFY Your Sales Process

Ask yourself, how much difference will it make when your marketing is done right so your selling process becomes SO much easier, you no longer need strong closers – order takers will do just fine!

And what will it mean when your sales is done right so they can provide marketing the missing tools they need, to get better and better finding the EXACT Ideal Clients (or customers or patients) you want most… at LOWER costs…AND get MORE of them to respond AND buy?

What will it mean for your business when …

  • Your sales and marketing teams are working together in synch, producing the results you know they can!
  • Your marketing message is reaching the right people with the right message… and they are responding in greater numbers!
  • Your business requires less of your time, is less stressful, and producing greater revenues!
  • You are able to focus ON your business instead of working long hours IN it!
  • You finally can enjoy the fruits of your labor, the lifestyle you deserve and the time to enjoy it!

If you are tired of "high-maintenance" customers and time-wasters, if you worry about whether your marketing is working, if you are ready for less effort required to close each sale, if you dream of a business with less stress and more time to enjoy the fruits of your success, then we encourage you to take us up on this unique opportunity, get the 80/20 Rule working in your favor so you can have your business start working FOR You!

Get Your Proven S.O.L.D. Business Growth System™ For Only $1969…And Get The $2500 Personalized SWOT Analysis Review and Action Plan

When You Take Action Now!

About The Authors

Tim Johnson

Co-Creator, Why-To-Wealth™
& The S.O.L.D. ™ Business Growth System
Founder, S.T.U.P.I.D.™ Process
CEO, Bradley Management
& WJM Property Management


Emerson Brantley

Co-Creator, Why-To-Wealth™ System
& The S.O.L.D.™ Business Growth System
Founder, WEB3Direct.com

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